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Home Savings Bank VS Popular Direct

Which bank is better for you?

  • Financial Rates: 5.0 Star Icon
  • Customer Service: 3.0 Star Icon
  • Variety of Terms: 5.0 Star Icon
  • Required Opening Amount: 3.0 Star Icon
CD Account
Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon Star Icon


  • Good variety of CD terms available
  • Competitive interest rates on CDs
  • CDs renew automatically
  • Early withdrawal fees low


  • High opening required amounts
  • Must schedule CD closure before maturity
  • All banking needs must be done online
  • Does not offer interest rate guarantee
  • Financial Rates: 5.0 Star Icon
  • Customer Service: 3.0 Star Icon
  • Variety of Terms: 5.0 Star Icon
  • Required Opening Amount: 3.0 Star Icon
No Rate Information
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  • All CD terms offer competitive rates
  • Good variety of terms available
  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Opening CDs is completely online


  • High opening required amount
  • Early withdrawal penalties are high
  • Cannot withdraw interest without a fee
  • Only one way to fund CDs
Home Savings Bank CD Review

Home Savings Bank offers a good variety of CD terms. They offer online only terms for those who do not live by a branch location and in-branch terms for those who do. There are a total of seven different CD terms for each type. The terms range from six-months to 60-months.

The CDs with Home Savings Bank offer competitive interest rates. The rates are much higher than typical bank rates. They are competitive with other online CD rates. Even the short-term CDs offer rates competitive with other short-term online CDs.

Home Savings Bank CDs will automatically renew after the CD reaches maturity. If you wish to keep your money in your Home Savings Bank CD, you do not have to contact customer service. The CD will automatically renew to the same CD term length. The rate will be determined on the day the CD renews.

The early withdrawal fees are low compared to other online CD accounts. For terms from six-months to 15-months, the fee is three months of interest on the withdrawn amount. For terms longer than 15-months, the fee is six-months of interest on the withdrawn amount.

The opening required amounts for Home Savings Bank CDs are high. Each CD term requires $5,000 to open. You can open any of the CD terms online with this set required amount. You must keep $5,000 in the CD to earn interest.

You cannot close your Home Savings Bank CD during the grace period. You must specify you want to close the account before the CD reaches maturity. You can set up to close your CD 30 days prior to the CD maturity date up to the day before maturity. Upon maturity, the money transfers into the initial account the money transferred from. Set up CD closure through online banking.

Home Savings Bank has specific online accounts. All activity for those accounts must be through online banking. Those activities include opening and closing CDs and all inquiries about the accounts. There is a $10 fee per transaction if any of this activity is done in a branch location.

Home Savings Bank does not offer an interest rate guarantee. The interest rate on the day you open the account is the rate you receive for the CD term. If the rates increase shortly after you open the CD, your interest rate will not increase.

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Popular Direct CD Review

Each Popular Direct CD offers competitive interest rates. The rates are competitive with other online accounts. The terms are shorter than 12-months offer competitive interest rates as well. Popular Direct interest rates are much higher than typical bank interest rates.

There are a good variety of CD terms offered through Popular Direct. The terms range in length from three-months to five-years. There are eight CD term lengths in all. You can open any of these CD terms online.

If you have a question and need to contact customer service, they are available anytime. Customers can reach a customer service representative every day, all day. Their customer service phone line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also contact customer service through email or mail.

The process of opening Popular Direct CD terms is entirely online. It takes around ten minutes to complete the application for a new CD account. Once you successfully open an account, everything for your account is online. Access your accounts from anywhere, anytime.

Popular Direct CDs have a high set amount required to open their CDs. The requirement is $10,000 to open each CD term. If you do not have at least the $10,000 balance, you cannot open a Popular Direct CD.

The fee for withdrawing money from Popular Direct CDs before the maturity date is high. For terms less than 91 days, the fee is 89 days of interest. For terms greater than 91 days, but shorter than 12-months, the fee is 120 days of interest. The fee for terms longer than 12-months, but shorter than 36-months, is 270 days of interest. For terms from 36-months to 60-months, the fee is 365 days of interest. Terms 60-months or longer has a fee of 730 days of interest.

Some CDs allow you to withdraw interest earned on CDs without paying an early withdrawal fee. Popular Direct does not. They do not allow for withdrawals of the CD principal or the interest earned without paying a fee. You can only make withdrawals without a fee during the grace period.

There is only one way to fund your Popular Direct CDs. Customers must link each CD to an external bank account. When you open a CD, you must make the deposit from a linked external account. This is part of the account opening process. Once the accounts are linked, you can make electronic transfers into your CD. To avoid a fee, only transfer money when you first open the account and during the grace period.

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